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Sandipa on the creation of the cover painting of Cello Circles 'Harmony in Lily Flat Major'

Sandipa talks about the creation of 'Harmony in Lily Flat Major', the cover painting of Cello Circles.
"Music helps to energize the creative flow, so that it comes alive."
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I love to create in an environment of inspiration when I paint.... a bit like sparks to start a fire, helping to energize the creative flow so it comes alive.

Music helps me immensely in my creative journey with painting. But not all music. To work for me, it has to be music that is rich in creative interest and soulfulness. As if the musicians are riding a fresh wave from the 'unknown'.... It's as if moment to moment, they are pulling the music from beyond, not knowing themselves what will happen next, but just trusting their creativity as it keeps flowing. This is the best!

Sometimes it can be like reflecting the energy of the music into a visual form on the canvas.
While the moments in the music unfold into creative sound, it works to inspire without influencing in a mental way, so I can paint without thinking much.... More from the heart, or right-brain, 'out of my own way', as I've heard the enlightened mystic Osho call it.
This way intelligence is able to function on its own, and it's inspiring to watch. Music played creatively and with this intelligence of the here and now, becomes an active catalyst, or key, for bringing alive many aspects of living life in a creative and inspirational way. "


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