Opening the Inner Door - by Maneesha James


Do you want to meditate, but you can never find the right time, the right place, or the incentive to do it regularly?
Even when we know that incorporating a healthy practice into our lives would be beneficial – for example, eating sensibly, exercising regularly, or meditating – taking the leap into actually doing it can be a challenge. And even if we manage to take that leap once or twice, we have trouble sustaining sufficient motivation.
You may have had the experience of resolving at night to wake at a certain time in the morning. Yet when the alarm clock goes off next morning, your mind persuades you to ignore the alarm and snuggle even more deeply into your bed.

The problem arises because when we make any resolution, only the conscious part of our mind is involved. Unless our unconscious mind, which is much larger and stronger, is also included in our decision-making our resolves will fail again and again.

Gaining the cooperation of our unconscious can be easy.
Following the simple guidance of this CD, you can relax and then access your unconscious mind. There you can directly communicate with your inner self. This one-to-one contact enables you to establish, and then maintain, the motivation to meditate as part of your everyday routine.

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