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Here you can find interesting and unexpected aspects of Osho's vision. Stories, anecdotes and occurrences that have happened in this enlightened mystic's most colorful life, giving you a taste of the wisdom, humor and brilliance of this extraordinary Master of Masters

People talk about their experiences in the Osho Resort, Pune, India
(YouTube video)

A visit from the East

Osho on Deeksha and shaktipat
(you can also download a pdf of his talk)

• Osho's 10 Commandments

Spiritually Incorrect

My Way Of Life is Not Philosophy
(YouTube video)

The need for catharsis - dynamic meditation in NYC

Osho on how to choose the right meditation technique. (Youtube video)

Happiness: "Happiness is when there is no desire for something, just a gratitude for what is. Then it is not a temporary state, because as long as you have gratitude, you have happiness." - Osho

• About Osho

• The four stages of Osho's Dynamic Meditation, explained in standard Chinese, by a native speaker from the People's Republic of China.

People in Osho's talks

Osho's Dynamic Meditation and Rock Music

The story of Osho—master, mystic, madman by Amit Jayaram

Going Deeper into Dynamic
"If you make a one hundred percent effort, if you do not withhold yourself, if you melt in the process completely and forget yourself, if you abandon yourself completely in it, the thing for which you have been hankering for lives together can happen. It can happen in a single moment- only a totality of abandonment is needed."

Osho Active Meditation Blog (New York)

• Swami Anand Neeten's Osho research project on Osho's early writings and drawings. See also his website.

• Osho on Youtube: Making Love is a Sacred Experience.

A list of books written by sannyasins about their experiences with their master Osho.

Being the Master of My Life by Veeresh

Finding Your Nose - Online Magazine for Meditation

Rediscovering Osho

• about Osho

Osho links - find people in the world of Osho

Osho talks about his Early Love of Books

order Osho books online

Osho on his own enlightenment

Photos of Osho – Many Faces of Meditation: A comprehensive collection of photos of the modern enlightened mystic Osho – for enjoyment, meditation and reference.

Osho's talks are to create silence in the listener.

Swami Anand Premartha & Ma Satyam Svarup are two of Osho's ace therapists

• A bio of Osho by Deva Sarlo

Osho talks about the death of one of his disciples, Ma Vipassana

An anthology of Osho's life from his own books.

Osho on Sathya Sai Baba

Osho on Enlightenment and his meditation techniques.

Rafia Morgan is an Osho therapist and a creator of many processes in the Osho therapy world. He helped create processes such as 'the Inner Man, Inner Woman' work, 'the Osho Tantra Intensive', 'the Path of Love' and 'the Osho Therapist Training'. He has been a teacher in the Diamond Logos work since 1997.

• Devapath is an Osho therapist who works with breathing as a tool for awareness. This is his website's Osho page.

• Osho is talked about on Oprah, more Americans are starting to understand him and are seeing past the Royce Rollses and Sheela:

From one of the comments: "Anyway, I challenge you to know he's a crazy guy and still find the jewels of wisdom that he might bring. I think it is important to remember that we are making a mistake when we totally accept someone's wisdom without question, but we make the SAME mistake when we reject wisdom without question. "

• Contact Swami Neelamber to order Osho books in New Zealand.

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