Zen, Light And Silence • Mirror Of The Sun • Waltz For A Blissful Goddess

Mirror of the Sun



To Every Heart Alive

Waltz For A Blissful Goddess

Aspects Of Time

Mystery Of The Moon

Mirror Of The Sun

And Yet...And Yet...

Miracle Before Breakfast

Kalimba Flight

Zen, Light And Silence

The Flower

A Sudden Dance

total time: 54.08 min

Mirror of the Sun


Music by
Sambodhi Prem

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Mirror of the Sun is a collection of instrumental pieces with a relaxed and creative mood. The contributions of Osho musicians Devakant, Prem Joshua, Kalyan and Ravi, make this an eclectic collection of sounds.

Free flowing melodies carried by the four winds - people coming together to play and merge their musical colours on this eclectic bundle of energy.

A moment in time capturing the musical sounds of people playing together - real people, playing real instruments.


Sambodhi Prem: Mirror of the Sun