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NatureSpace, an award winning album of multi-layered instrumental acoustic music, invites the listener to enter a space of inspirational relaxation – a magical musical experience of joyous sensitivity. 

The richly orchestrated, majestic music of NatureSpace features Sambodhi Prem's guitar, the violin of Don V Lax, piano and the sounds of the New Zealand Bellbird and Tui. Mirroring the flow of nature into sound, Sambodhi Prem elegantly combines his reflective, improvisational guitar melodies with an array of ambient textures and rhythms.

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Song Titles:

ode to nature

land of trees

kyntyre brase

true step

bush telegraph

woman's heart

so right

the rise

this way


total time: 50:04

Music by
Sambodhi Prem

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"Nature based recordings come and go, but when the good ones come, it's well worth noting. Soundscaping your basic chamber sound into nature, this set does a great impressionistic job of sonically detailing a day in the forest. It's supposed to make you feel like New Zealand which will be a special treat for the armchair traveler.

A well textured and smartly conceived work for those looking to explore the inner space between the headphones."

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap, USA