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Sambodhi Prem

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Reiki Forest    

"Meditation is not something that you do. It is only when your doer has gone and you are totally relaxed, not doing anything, in a deep let-go, rest... there is meditation. Then meditation flowers. It is the flowering of your being. It has nothing to do with becoming. It is not an achievement, it is not an improvement; it is just being that which you already are.

"Osho: "The Path of Love"

Music can be a great support in meditation, especially if you are dipping a toe into it for the first time. Maybe for most of us, being relaxed means being semi-comatosed on the beach or in couch-potato mode in front of the television. On the other hand, being alert is something of an effort. The very word "attention" – at-tension – pretty much says it all.

Is there a way to be completely at ease without falling asleep? To be conscious, present, without any tension at all? That's really what meditation is. But learning to bring together what seem like two totally different, even opposite states, is not yet another skill we have to come to grips with. Meditation, relaxed awareness, is a natural state; we only need to become reacquainted with it.

Reiki Forest provides the perfect ambience for consciously reconnecting with your inner pool of peace. The use of synthesizer and e-bow, interspersed with the song of New Zealand native birds, is deeply, gently, joyfully calming without being either intrusive or soporific.

I've listened to the tracks while lying on my bed at the end of a busy day, and whether it's for ten minutes or the entire CD, I get up feeling refreshed and with a sense of restored equanimity. Or, if there are jobs to be done and I need to stay on the move, with this CD playing in the background, I start unwinding.
In fact I reckon it's physiologically impossible to listen to this music and still feel tense and uptight. Reiki Forest is a definite "must have" for anyone's meditation-music collection.

Maneesha James


This is one of the best CD'S I've ever used when offering a Reiki treatment to someone. Folks ask for this one more than any other.

M. Mckay