Reiki Ocean



Reiki Ocean - One

Reiki Ocean - Two

Reiki Ocean - Three

Reiki Ocean - Four

Reiki Ocean - Five

Reiki Ocean - Six

total time: 72 minutes


Listen to a sample from: Reiki Ocean - One

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Reiki Ocean

A graceful ambience of musical sounds - softly floating textures to accompany you on the journey of meditation and healing. Reiki Ocean holds a gentle space of beauty and reflection.
Music to assist you in being transported to the "Here and Now", where love and awareness meet.

Reiki Ocean is a composition in six parts with a gentle bell chiming every 5 minutes as a reference point for Reiki practitioners.


An Article about Reiki & Music:
The Temple of the Here & Now.

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DevaWorld (USA)

Discord (UK)


Shanti Om


A review of Reiki Ocean from the iTunes store

A Blessing

This is one of the best energy shifting CDs I've discovered in months. As a professional psychic and musician, I am extremely sensitive to energy. This work clears negativity and restores balance and well-being, in no time flat. I downloaded it on a particularly stressful day and can absolutely attest to its healing power. Just amazing. Looking forward to exploring more of this artist's work. This is truly a gift.

Awakening Queen Maebh