Into the Heartland • The Watercourse Way • 1000 Faces of a Diamond

Rose Water Moon



Rose Water Moon

Into the Heartland

A Space Without Clouds

Valley of the White Horse

The Watercourse Way

Pink Rose of Autumn

Splashing in Waterfalls

Midnight Tree

1000 Faces of a Diamond

Full Moon Dance

Ecstatic Meeting

total time: 55:40

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Rose Water Moon

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Rose Water Moon

Rose Water Moon - acoustic Osho music creating a space of wellbeing and relaxation.

A tapestry of sounds, recorded during my travels in India, England and New Zealand. Many contributions by Osho musicians, amongst them Devakant on "Pink Rose of Autumn", Puratan on "Midnight Tree", Prem Joshua & Kalyan on "Full Moon Dance", Nandin on "The Watercourse Way" and Richard Adams on "1000 Faces of a Diamond".

Guitars, violin, soprano saxophone, bansuri, recorder, silver flute and spacious keyboards