Seven Waves of Knowing



Enjoying Silence

Living in Beauty

Trusting the Universe

Rising in Love

Reflecting the Moon

Listening & Disappearing

Finding the Way In

Breathing the Silence

Becoming Essence

Awakening Now

Fragrant Grasses -
Falling Blossoms


total time: 59:30 min


Music by
Sambodhi Prem

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Seven Waves of Knowing


Solo piano & solo guitar - deeply meditative music that moves between silence and sound.
This is music played from a space of meditation. Most pieces are played on a grand piano, some are played on steel string guitar, all are in a reflective mood.
This improvised Osho music enhances the space of meditation. As my meditation I often listen to one of Osho’s discourses. Afterwards I play a little music, to fill the space with resonant sound, surrounding the sounds with silence.
Try this music after a meditation or during silent witnessing meditation.
All piano pieces were recorded during one session, without a break.



"The market abounds with music for meditation. Yet the most potent music is that which is created by a meditator. Sambodhi Prem is clearly that. The beautifully titled tracks – the majority on this album employing the piano in a minimalistic/zennish way – are an invitation to move inside.
“Trusting the Universe,” by contrast, provides a gentle, melodic path back from the space of stillness and silence."

Maneesha James


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