Timeless Light • Circle Within • Hermitage

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Timeless Light

Sunlight Rain River

Circle Within

The Dance of Rain Declares the Sun

Place of Power

Dance at Dawn

The Ancient Ones

One Ocean of Witnessing


Pebble on a Sea Beach

Carry Me on Your Morning Wings

The Heart Insight

total time: 53.36

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Bubble of Joy

Cello Circles

Heart Music

Lake of Restfulness

Mirror of the Sun


One Hour Long Bird Song

Reiki Forest

Reiki Mountains

Reiki Ocean

Rose Water Moon

Seven Waves of Knowing

Sunlight Rain River

Tuning into the Moment

Watching the Mind

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Sunlight Rain River

A flow of sounds from guitar, keyboards, saxophone and flutes. Guest performances by Pritamo on "Timeless Light", Clive Ashley on "Place of Power" Devakant on "The Ancient Ones", Prem Joshua on "The Dance of Rain Declares the Sun", Kalyan on "One Ocean of Witnessing", Wilton Rodger on "Dancer at Dawn", David Bowater on "The Heart Insight", Mike Trim on "Carry me on Your Morning Wings" and Nandin on "Pebbles on a Sea Beach" make this an eclectic collection of sounds. Check out a cover version of the Pat Metheny tune "Hermitage" (iTunes).