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Harmony in Lily Flat Major

Ancient Land, Delicate Balance

An art exhibition of landscape paintings by


Southwest Art

The paintings in the exhibition Ancient Land, Natural Balance evolve from a close connection to the land, and contain references that are linked with an ongoing exploration into the natural world.

The Australian natural world has shaped aboriginal people, and in turn their art expresses intrinsically the Australian country, and therefore it offers me a valuable key to a deeper understanding of the timeless mysteries of this ancient land.

Sandipa's art:

Tin Shed Arts,
Old Calder Highway
Malmsbury Vic 3446
03 5423 2144


The land is full of natural wonder and being part of that, it connects me to a wave that brings healing and inspiration into this world. By allowing nature to function through me – evolving consciousness – I try to give form to this wave of change. This is the context in which I paint.

I view myself and my fellow human beings to be on a bridge between spiritual sleep and awakening and never has it been so urgent for us to cross this bridge, by becoming more aware and in harmony with nature and ourselves. I see many people go through life with only a flicker of awareness – but we humans have a challenge to regain harmony within and without ourselves and to behave fully consciously with nature by respecting its delicate and time honoured balance.

  Sandipa at work  
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    Sandipa on the cover painting of Cello Circles