What is meditation?

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There's much confusion about the word meditation.

Meditation is not the same as concentration or contemplation. The enlightened mystic Osho dispels the misconceptions and explains that meditation is a simple way of knowing yourself on the deepest levels.


• TM

"Transcendental meditation is a sort of drug. If it works at all, it gives you good sleep, that's all. It calms you down, but even that calming down is not very positive; it is more like dullness, lethargy. It will help you to be less tense, but then you will become less intelligent also and less alive, because it slows down the whole process of your being. It is a tranquilizer – tranquilization through sound, mantra." - Osho: Dance Your Way to God


• Biofeedback: a shortcut to meditation?

Q: Research suggests that certain states of consciousness brought about by meditation techniques appear to provoke specific brainwave patterns. These states are now being created by electronic and auditory stimulation, and they can be learnt through biofeedback.
The traditional "meditative state" – sitting silently or at least quietly alert – is composed of bilateral, synchronous alpha waves. Deeper meditation also has bilateral theta waves. A state called "lucid awareness" has the bilateral synchronous alpha and theta waves of deep meditation, plus the beta waves of normal thought processes. Lucid awareness can be learnt through biofeedback, using the most modern equipment.
Are these kinds of stimulation and biofeedback useful tools for the meditator?
What is the relationship of these technological methods to the meditation beyond techniques? Is this an example of bringing meditation together with science?
I would like to experiment with these new technologies– both personally in my own meditation and professionally, in my work as a physician. What is your comment?



• Yoga

Visitor to the Osho Meditation Resort: "I promised my yoga teacher I'd keep my practice up while I was away," confesses one, looking a little embarrassed, "and you know, since I've been here I haven't even thought about it."
Three enthusiasts – all of them visiting the resort for the first time – were asked for their take on yoga in the light of their introduction to Osho's active meditative methods."


Q: Is your approach something like sahaja yoga – effortless, natural and spontaneous yoga?


• Transpersonal psychology

Q: "Transpersonal psychology seeks to explore the needs and aspirations that go beyond self-actualization and humanistic psychology, according to Assagioli. I have heard you speak of a psychology of the buddhas; is this the same thing as Assagioli is talking of?"


• Primal Therapy

Q: "I've been working as a primal therapist. Do you see that this kind of approach has some value?"


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• Meditation is not concentration - pdf

Meditation is not concentration

What is meditation?

And what is it not?


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