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Drone in E (right mouse click, choose 'save file as')

If you play an instrument where you have to intonate, like violin or flute, you might be interested to download this drone in E. It can be of help in practice as the drone functions as a tonal reference point. You might get inspired to make a simple recording of yourself with this drone as a background. Check out this article on drones in traditional Indian music.

It is amazing how much you learn when you record yourself and critically listen to those recordings.

Singers can improve their pitching from working with a drone. Try to sing your favourite song to a drone and see what happens.

Even people who play fixed pitch instruments like guitar and piano can benefit from working with a drone as it develops your ear - enabling you to hear pitch fluctuations in your recordings. And for guitar players: when you bend those strings you need your ears to stay on course.

Feel free to use and share this 15 minute drone (21 Mb right mouse click, choose 'save file as')


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