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I make music from a meditative perspective - leaving some space in the music for silence to emerge and to be felt.

In music and in life I like to listen to the gaps of silence between the sounds.

I love music that is played from a place of 'not knowing', a place of innocence - improvisation and listening is important to me in music.

I like to make the world a little more beautiful before I leave.

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Zen is in my vision the only religion in the world worth calling religion. All religions are just exploitations of man and his search for himself. They are deviations, distractions, they lead you away from yourself, they don't bring you home.  (more)

from: "Dojen, the Zen Master,
A Search and A Fulfillment

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Ancient Land, Delicate Balance

Exhibition of paintings by Sandipa

New Work by Sandipa at TSA Gallery, Malmsbury, Vic, Australia.       map
Big Country: Returning
Song of Time
mixed media on canvas
84 x 152 cm

book cover

The All And Everything Of Healthy Living ...

Loaded with insights on how to stay healthy in our modern day, chemical age.

After successfully turning their own health around, Sandipa and Sambodhi Prem, write about nutrient dense food; raw milk; big pharma and big agriculture, who have less interest in your health than you might think.

The book brings in topics such as practical common-sense health and preparing food in time-honoured ways.

The Art of Sandipa

Sandipa weaves colour into semi-abstract paintings, responding to the wonder of the natural world.

Lalgambook: Billabong painting

Lalgambook: Billabong
mixed media on canvas
110 x 140 cm