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Lake of Restfulness

total time: 1 hour and 8 min

Lake of Restfulness

Music by
Sambodhi Prem

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A one hour continuous piece of music helping to set
a mood for relaxation and meditation – your inner reflection time. Waves of sounds with guitar and strings - floating through your space. Ideal session music.
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Lake of Restfulness

This is transparent music where some light is allowed to shine through. Like on the surface of a lake the light is ever changing but is always expressing the beauty of the sun.

Letting go of everyday tensions, reflecting on the meaningful things in life – what it is that has a lasting value for you.

Music is a joyous journey for me, it leaves no mark upon the earth, no traces in the sky, yet it lasts long enough – when we let it into our souls – to shine a little light on our path. It is a ray of light that descends upon the earth, turning the air into waves of sound, making me look at this earth with new eyes, turning dewdrops into pearls.

Everything falls into place, when I listen to the music of my heart. I know of no place where there is more light, than the place where music is born.
With this recording I hope to share this space with you – may it be always there for you, to touch, to taste and to disappear into.

Sambodhi Prem