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Music by
Sambodhi Prem

Sambodhi Prem's albums

Arke' String Project
  Improvised classical music
Bic Runga   Birds  

This album contains wonderful spacious music, reflecting a deep and romantic sadness in some pieces, uplifting in others - the songs soon feel natural as if they've been with you for years. I often return to this album and I'm always amazed how many interesting elements are there. The songs have a great feel - Bic writes her words and her music from the heart.
Sonically one of the best recordings I have heard. String arrangements by Tom Rainey. A sensitive group of musicians are backing her, amongst them Neil Finn on piano.

Jukka Perko   Kaanaanmaa   Finnish Hymns, orchestrated for full symphony orchestra with Jukka Perko on saxophone. When I saw Jukka perform with his trio in Melbourne he told me that on this album 75% of his playing is improvised. It was recorded live with the orchestra. Improvised classical music.
    Paul Kelly &
The Stormwater Boys
  Foggy Highway  

One of Australia's greatest singer songwriters with a deep connection to the land and the people that are here and have been living on this land in the past. This music has a blue grass / country feel, but the stories and people that populate the songs are drawn from this country, not the USA.
Paul manages to infuse emotion and observation in his songs in a matter of fact way. "They thought I was asleep" is one of those songs. I learned to sing it, as it is such a wonderful observation of a universal emotion: when you discover as a child, that your parents can be as vulnerable as you are - that they are human beings with their own emotions and frailties.

    Alquin   Blue Planet   After almost 30 years, a new release from this Dutch band, they play symphonic rock as it was called in the seventies. One of the first bands that I was into as a 16 year old and as with some of the music that you absorb at that age, my love for this band has never gone away.
This CD is a wonderful recording, Michel van Dijk has one of the best voices in rock. Rich instrumentation of brass, hammond organ and guitar. Ferdinand Bakker's style of playing is an example of how a guitarist can strike a balance between textural playing and solos. He's good at supporting the music as a whole. Interview (in Dutch).


Jacqueline Du Pré plays Edward Elgar


  Cello Concerto in E Minor   During his final illness in 1933, the British composer Edward Elgar hummed this concerto's first theme to a friend and said, "If ever after I'm dead you hear someone whistling this tune on the Malvern Hills, don't be alarmed. It's only me."  
    Nizlopi   Half These Songs Are About You…  

I love the video and free-flowing songwriting style, great voice too.
"JCB" is a song written from a 5 year old's point of view, it inserts a wonderful dose of innocence into a pop song. I like the double tempo outtro. Their website here.