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Kalyan, originally from Switzerland, is a classically trained cellist and multi-instrumentalist, with skills on stringed and wind instruments.
With more than 25 years of experience in the musical field he is as acquainted in playing the western violoncello, guitars and recorders and the South American kena flute, as he is with ethnical instruments from the East, like the Indian dilruba, the sarangi and the ancient rudraveena. He also is an accomplished player of the Japanese kyotaku and shakuhachi flute.

Kalyan has developed a unique way of vocal and musical improvisation, based on listening and musical sensitivity and he has shared his talents in several recording projects in the area of meditative music. Today he lives as a recording artist in Canada, offering concerts and events known as 'Singing Celebrations'. (small pdf).

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Soulweaver by Kalyan

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tel: 1 450 224-8131 (Canada)

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