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heart of the forest


bubble of joy - part 1

source & spirit

fleur deliss

bubble of joy - part 2

total time: 54:42

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This CD is dedicated to my spiritual master Osho. Through him I became aware how music and meditation are related, that music can create a backdrop for silence and how one can become more easily aware of this silence by paying attention to the gaps between the notes and rhythms.

He helped me when I heard him say that as an artist one should not to be too focused on creating beauty, that beyond beauty there is a higher value: truth. He compared beauty to an overnights stay on a journey to the freedom of meditation.

Through my love for him, I hope this music reflects something of the great wave of awakening that he has initiated in this world. I would be happy if some of these sounds are around as the journey of your life unfolds.

Sambodhi Prem



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