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Reiki Forest is a recording of ambient soundscapes and subtle melodies interwoven with the sweet sound of native birds from New Zealand's forests, creating an exquisitely spacious and soothing atmosphere.
One continuous track - 68 minutes long - recommended for healing sessions, massage or as a relaxing environment for work or home.

A gentle bell chimes every five minutes as a reference point for Reiki practitioners

Cover image by New Zealand landscape photographer Craig Potton

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"As a massage therapist I'm always searching for new music for my practice. This one has been in my cd player since I bought it about a month ago. I can't seem to tire of it. Client's like it too. Gentle nature sounds permeate the music and I'm transported to some other place, memories abound. When a fellow CMT used it while giving me a massage, she gave me the best massage ever and she thought it was because the music was inspiring her to creativity. I even listen when I'm not massaging."

M. Lyman (Sacramento, CA)

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This CD was released in Europe under the name "Forest of Dreams" it has a different cover, but the music is the same, except that there is no reference bell.      

Reiki Forest


reiki forest

total time: 68:18