Reiki Ocean


Reiki & Music:

The temple of the here and now.

"For me Reiki has a similarity with playing music - it is a way of showering the other (and yourself) with energy and attention. It's about being there for the other in a nonverbal way.

To bring Reiki's sense of touch and music's sense of hearing together and to assist people to share this gift has been very rewarding for me.
To give your attention to others through touch or through playing music requires a meditative quality, a certain emptiness of the mind. Some music is born from this empty, silent space and this music can move the listener to a space free of thoughts and emotions to a deep relaxation, and thereby can facilitate healing.

The many meditation techniques that have been created by those who cared about humanity, are all ways of arriving at this same space. I've learned that meditation, like playing music, is not so much a skill but rather a knack, like riding a bike: once learned, never forgotten.

Reiki Ocean was recorded last year during the winter months. After my morning meditation I played improvised music for about an hour. I created this music from within the space of meditation.
I enjoy this slow form of improvisation, where I surround each note with some space, listening to the music as it is being played - allowing freedom for it to evolve moment to moment.

I've always aimed to create music that at first can be experienced as soothing and comforting, but which has some inspiration bubbling under the surface, that reveals itself slowly more and more, taking the listener deeper on subsequent listenings.

Hopefully I have been able to infuse the music of Reiki Ocean with the quality of meditation, of inner spaciousness. To me it is essential in Reiki that the mind is quiet for the presence of both the practitioner and the recipient to meet on subtle planes, in almost tangible silence. This music is created to invite and then to enhance the experience of inner peace, of Reiki.
To me both Reiki and music are ways of entering into meditation, with existence taking the practitioner and the recipient inside the temple of the here and now."

Sambodhi Prem


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